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Do you smell unpleasant odour in your homes but have no idea where the smell is coming from?

Davis Drain Services provide a wide range of drain-related services. Our team has extensive experience in investigating and resolving complex odour issues. We provide indoor, outdoor, and environmental odour property investigation. We will also diagnose, analyze the source and will make sure to resolve the odour issue. The package includes odour and air quality measurement. 


Our CCTV Drain Inspection Cameras can give us a view of your drain’s interior system. These equipment will let us see any ruptures in your drainage system that causes foul-smell to leak out of the drains.


When the CCTV cameras won’t fit or can’t navigate through the possible source of odour leakage, our team will recommend and use Smoke Testing device. The device will pump non-toxic coloured smoke through your drainage channels. The smoke will move in your drains and escape in the leakage area where the foul odour also escapes. Once detected, our team will device a plan on how we can fix and resolved the problem.

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What causes a foul odour?

  • Sewer Smells – The sewer that runs underground creates sewer gases like methane and ammonia due to natural decomposition. These gases can rise up through empty drain traps and create the sewage smell from your toilet or kitchen sink.
  • Water Leakages – The water supply to your home includes sulphates that are used to purify water. The sulphates can react with the sulphates present in your water heater and cause a rotten egg smell.
  • Pipe Blockage – Blockages in the drain pipes are a common cause of bad drain smell. If your toilet smells like sewage, it could be due to blocked pipes. If left unresolved, the blocked pipes can become completely clogged. Blocked pipes are identified by a slow drain of water.
  • Drain Clogs and Bacteria – Food, grease, hair and other waste contain bacteria. These bacteria can accumulate in the pipes, especially when the pipes are clogged. If you detect a smell from shower drain, then it is a good idea to get it checked for clogs.
  • Mold Formation – Mould or mildew forms inside the pipes when there is a leak and water remains standing for a while. The mold can generate a stinking odour that you can smell even from behind a wall.
  • Plumbing Issues – Sewer smell can also be caused due to incorrect plumbing fixtures. Incorrect traps or vent can quickly accumulate mold or bacteria and cause a pungent sewage smell in the bathroom.
  • Unpleasant odour is a hassle, don’t let it burden your family or your business! Contact us now!

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It is important to have your drains assessed and cleaned. This will prevent more serious issues from arising like weakened water pipes and water leaks.

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